"Our ingrained values, morals, integrity, professionalism, and commitment shows every day in how we do business."

What happens when you decide to call your insurance company to file a claim? From the moment you call, text, or use an app your insurance carrier has trained agents prepared to ask questions that will minimize their exposure, in other words to either deny or severely limit what you will get reimbursed for your claim. Your Insurance Carrier has a team of lawyers writing policies and defending their profits, hundreds of trained inside claims adjusters with canned answers,  and minimally trained Independent or employee field adjusters who deliberately omit damage, all to ensure they have happy shareholders and executives. Think about it, they hire actors to tell you a story of how wonderful they are, catchy phrases or jingles on funny commercials you can't help but laugh at, all to get you comfortable with giving them money for promised protection in the future. Too many times that promise is never to happen and policyholders are left financially and physically injured.

That is why we do what we do! We are your voice through the entire process, we ensure fair and equitable treatment and ensure that your valid insurance claim is properly adjusted to MAXIMIZE what your policy promised to pay for all of those years. If you failed to pay your premium or decided to pay only a portion of your premium, they would cancel your coverage without a thought. Take the same attitude, you will not be shortchanged, let us fight for your right! We get paid a small portion of your claim, therefore we only get paid if you get paid!

What is a Public Adjuster?

A Public Adjuster is a professionally licensed and bonded insurance claims handler that only represents policyholders in the reporting, estimating, adjusting, appraising, and negotiating of damages to homeowner and commercial property claims. A Public Adjuster is regulated by the states insurance commissions and must maintain continuing education, renew licenses regularly, and maintain bonding in each state individually.

Why Do I need a Public Adjuster?

Every year Insurance Companies spend tens of millions of dollars to send a message that they will be there if you need them. From a catchy toon that you can't get out of your head to funny commercials, to popular actors all making you feel like you're getting your money's worth, and if you need them they will be there. Let's be honest, Insurance is not a "nice to have" expense, it is a necessity, like the fourth utility payment. Gas, Water, and Insurance. 

However, if you do need to file a homeowners claim then buyer beware. You are at the mercy of the claims adjuster, their bosses, the independent adjuster, and policy language.

The Public Adjuster's specialty is the policy, every aspect and how to fight to get you EVERY DOLLAR you are entitled to when disaster strikes. We understand every stage of the claim and walk you, the policyholder, through the process to ensure you become smarter so that if there is a next time, you may not need us to help.

Why Us?

The founder of Delaware Valley Public Adjusters is a retired police officer and also a retired Command Sergeant Major from the New Jersey Army National Guard with over 30 years of public service. We are a company of civil servants that have spent our entire life helping people in times that they most need it. We understand the impact that losing your home or business, or the use of your home or business, can have on today's busy life. Our ingrained values, morals, integrity, professionalism, and commitment shows every day in how we do business. We offer exceptional service with every claim no matter how small or large, all customers are equally important. 

Delaware Valley Public Adjusters

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