One of the most feared events in any homeowner's mind is the possibility of your home having a fire happen. From the smallest kitchen fire to a fully involved home fire, like above, will disrupt every aspect of a families life. Each fire is unique in how much damage it causes. even the smallest fire will cause extensive smoke and soot damage, not to mention water damage from the fire department. Having an experienced Public Adjuster that specializes in fire damage is paramount to getting the maximum claim amount to bring your home and lives back to normal.

Fire Truths

Considered the "Holy Grail" of Public Adjusting claims, a house or business fire seem to bring the worse out in our profession. Many firms actually listen to scanners and pay firefighters to let them be the "first" to hand business cards out, sometimes while your home or business is still on fire. It is unfortunate that there are still "predators" who prey on someone's bad fortune. DelVal has a strict policy of not approaching a homeowner until forty-eight hours after a loss, which is 24 hours more than NJ, PA, and MD laws state. We believe that allowing a homeowner time to breath first is paramount to leading to well thought out plans.

Plan One Day at a Time

DelVal will create a plan for the insured and their family or employees. We address the immediate needs and start working on documenting the loss. In order to get the ost that your policy will pay your insurance company will need documentation of everything that was lost. DelVal has a specialist that manages all of the "contents" while other adjusters manage the dwelling and other structures. Finally, we help document the additional living expenses incurred to ensure proper reimbursement for those expenses.