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Our Claims Process

***The below outline is a representation of what we do with EVERY claim, regardless of client, size of the loss, or insurance carrier. It is important to understand that each claim is unique and steps can be added to ensure the best outcome in the smallest amount of time. 

  • We contact your insurance company and advise them that we are representing you and request a certified copy of your policy with all amendments at the time of your loss during this first communication.

  • We then request a meeting with any experts that your insurance company has retained along with the company adjuster and discuss procedures going forward, any policy issues, advances, and any depreciation issues. 

  • Assist Client with securing temporary housing, securing a remediation company, and assist with contractor selection if requested.

  • Review and analysis of your entire policy to ensure coverage, endorsements, and exclusions and how they will impact your claim.

  • Onsite inspection and recording of damages by individual line item to estimate rebuilding cost which is necessary to maximize recovery. 

  • Set up any appraisals necessary to satisfy co-insurance provisions of your policy,

  • Prepare a complete inventory and values of all personal possessions lost.

  • Ensure the proper experts, such as structural engineers, cause and origin investigators, industrial hygienists, architects, and forensic accountants, for those losses that are necessary such as a business interruption,  or catastrophic loss.

  • Request any advances in the event they are needed to defray costs for Additional Living Expenses (ALE) and or rebuilding efforts.

  • Prepare a complete claims package with all documentation and send three different ways, (Digital, Overnight, and Postal Service), to ensure an expeditious payment from the insurance carrier.

  • Ensure a documented historic account of the claim in the event the claim is sent to appraisal or further litigation.

  • Make a weekly status update communication with clients and the insurance company.

  • Ensure all paperwork is completed once work is complete for depreciation payment and final ALE payments.