puffback damage.jpeg
Puff Back

Puff Back is a dangerous and most of the time overlooked event that causes widespread damage to your home through the forced Air HVAC system. 

What is a PuffBack? Simply put, it is an event that happens when your heater is trying to start after it hasn't run for a period of time. The most typical time for this to occur is in the fall, on the first chilly day when the heater is turned on for the first time of the season. What happens is that every time your heater cycles on, fuel (natural gas, propane, or oil) is injected into the burner area for ignition. If your heater or boiler is a few years old and hasn't been serviced or cleaned, the ignition points become clogged and dirty and fail to light the fuel for the first few cycles causing the fuel to build up in the burning chamber. At some point the fuel will finally ignite causing a mini explosion within your HVAC system. The tell-tale sign is like the picture above, the soot from the ignition will travel throughout the ducts into your home.

This type of damage is devistating because it will cause the soot to go throughout your home, onto you walls, the air your breathing, your furniture fabric, clothes, even the ventilation of your refrigerator. 

Smoke Damage

Smoke, much like soot from a PuffBack, is invasive in nature. Even a small fire in a kitchen that was easily controlled with a home extinguisher can wreak havoc on the rest of your home. Unlike the fire itself, smoke is considered a secondary loss, meaning that it was the product of another event. Smoke essentially gets into everything and it is nearly impossible to get rid of the odor. The issue is that many policies specifically exclude smoke as a peril.

Teamwork is Key

When dealing with difficult claims such as PuffBack and Smoke damage choosing the right team to represent you can be the difference between getting your home or business back to normal or dealing with living with having to pay to remediate those damages. We utilize the team approach when managing a major or catastrophic loss. Don't let just anyone represent you in those trying times, let DelVal take the lead.